Top 6 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in New Delhi

The city of Delhi is not just the capital of India. In addition to this, it is also the home to rich, mesmerising flavours and exquisite delicacies. The city houses several varieties of restaurants that fulfil the needs and requirements of all age groups.

When it comes to dining out with families, there are a large number of factors that have to be considered while choosing a restaurant. The decision-making becomes even more confusing if you are going to be accompanied by kids. If you are planning to take kids along with you, you will have to rule out restaurants that have very loud music, dark interiors and smoking rooms because these things greatly upset the kids. If they get upset or annoyed, then their constant nagging and crying will really ruin your whole dinner plan.

If you are judging a restaurant based on its great ambience and delicious food, it’s not going to impress kids. Does that mean that you should not dine out in good restaurants at all with kids? Certainly not! Delhi has a lot of great places that are ideal for families to dine out with kids. Both the kids as well as adults can enjoy great time together.

Here are the top 6 kid-friendly restaurants in Delhi that you can consider.

  1. Jungle Jamboree- Jungle Jamboree is the ultimate place to dine out with kids. It is similar to having a feast in a jungle. This restaurant has introduced a concept of 7 course meal for buffet on table for the first time in India. It is absolutely stunning and the concoction of gourmet food as well as the exotic ambience is something that you will relish. The restaurant has been created with the unique idea of giving a feel of jungle. This adventurous jungle-themed restaurant has aqua caves, a lodge similar to that of a hunter and an exclusive area for kids to have fun.  The 7 courses that are offered will help you enjoy the flavours of Italy, China as well as North India.
  2. Yum Yum – This restaurant in Delhi is very popular for its preparation of Pan India cuisines. It is very popular as it provides a complete package to families that come with kids. The service offered by the restaurant is great and its greatest highlight is the Sunday brunch. A separate brunch is arranged for kids with all their favourite delicacies and interesting activities like art and craft, colouring, painting and pottery.
  3. Nando’s– This is a chain that operates in 5 continents. It is great for kids as they have prepared a separate attractive menu for kids. The menu is called Little Grown Ups and they also hand out various activity sheets to keep the toddlers busy.
  4. Culture Gully– This restaurant has earned the name as the indoor street of India and houses the flavours and popular dishes of all 29 states in the country. It is a great attraction for the kids as its ambience is quite magnificent. In addition to the tasty food, the restaurant provides a great cultural insight and experience to the kids.
  5. Eatopia– With a popular kids’ area called Kidsown, this restaurant provides the ultimate paradise to kids with lots of swings, slides and basketball hoops. It is an absolute guarantee that your kids will not get bored at all.
  6. Walk in the Woods– This is another restaurant that has a special provision for kids. It has a playroom for children with all the latest toys and swings. The restaurant has a lot of variety for food and the ambience is quite serene and peaceful.

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