Tips for Becoming an Independent Music Artist

The music scene’s current climate is increasingly geared in favour of independent artists. With social media and music streaming pushing physical sales into oblivion, the music industry is in a state of panic and flux. Whilst this may be bad news for famous artists, it is paving the way for a burgeoning indie scene, where artists are able to reach fame without the help of a restrictive big-name record label. These days, your number of social media followers can trump sales figures, whilst self-promotion is increasingly proving itself to be more effective than ever before. If you’re en route to becoming an independent music artist, here are some tips to guide you along the way.

Create Tracks by Yourself

If you’re a singer without a band, traditionally you might rely on a record label to provide you with one. However, for independent singers this isn’t an option, and in many cases having a band on board is more baggage than it’s worth. If you want to be truly independent and rely on your vocal talents alone, then you may want to look into buying professional backing tracks for singers online. These days, many professional vocalists manage to fly solo by relying on the vast range of professionally produced and affordable backing tracks with can be found on the Internet. Many services also offer custom track creation, meaning that you can develop your own completely unique style without the expense of hiring a studio or band. When creating tracks by yourself, it can be easy to get lost in your own bubble, which is why it always pays to get a second opinion from honest friends or family members before releasing them.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With so many aspiring singers taking to the Internet to showcase their talents, you’ll need to find a way in which to rise above the rest. In this respect, creating your own brand identity is paramount to success. Posting regularly on social media is essential in order to remain visible and relevant. Reach out to well-known artists who you admire, as recognition from them could result in the boost you need to propel you to fame. As an independent artist, you’ll need to take on the roles of agent, publisher, and marketer to boot, upholding your own unique image with poise and style. By presenting yourself as a superstar, the rest is sure to follow.

Get Connected

Connecting with fans is the only way to gain those all-important followers. This is where strong social media accounts are absolutely your greatest tool. Whilst gigging is essential to get your music out there, channels such as YouTube also provide an invaluable way to spread your talents far and wide. You can utilise Instagram and YouTube to gain a following which could be the golden ticket you need to get recognised. As well as this, the power of streaming should not be underestimated, so make sure that your music is readily available online.

Becoming an independent artist is by no means easy, but with a whole lot of dedication and a little business acumen, you can forge your way to stardom.

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